Boarding school accommodation

Accommodation and other Necessities that Determine a Good Boarding School

Typically, a boarding school is comprised of several residential units within the school compound or its surrounding. The residential units offer the student accommodation, and they are only allowed to leave the school grounds if permitted by the administration. Normally, the students in a boarding school are the responsibility of the housemaster or mistress, dorm prefect, dorm parent, and the residential advisors. All these individuals work together to ensure that the student gets to enjoy their stay in the boarding institution. Boarding school accommodation is a subject that every parent considers before taking their students to a particular school.

What Makes a Good Boarding School?

First, a good boarding school needs to be headed by competent, qualified, friendly, and responsible housemaster/ mistress. This means that the students have someone who looks after them. Secondly, an effective boarding school accommodation is indicated by the quality of residential facilities in the school. For example, the institution should have spacious, clean, and comfortable dormitories for the students. Students should also have their meals in a hygienic and quality surrounding. Thirdly, the boarding facility needs to provide education support resources. For instance, students should have access to study-bedrooms and libraries, where they can do their private studies and assignments.

Lastly, the boarding schools should allow the students to enjoy regulated entertainment and relaxation facilities. Students should be able to access indoor and outdoor gaming provision during the games time so as to refresh and enjoy their hobbies. Facilities such as a gym, music room, swimming pool, and a basketball court make accommodation in the boarding facility comfortable.


Generally, quality boarding school accommodation is determined by the provisions that the students enjoy in the facility. Good food, entertainment, better learning facilities, and comfortable residential units make the boarding experience worthwhile.