Wooden Chest Trunk

The wooden type of chest or trunk, are basically rectangular forms of furniture having four sides and a cover that can be lifted. It was normally used for storage of valuables like fine clothing, weapons, jewelry and foodstuffs. These days the decorated wooden chests are mostly used as tables in living rooms as part of the design.

Cassone carved wooden and painted chest was used in Italy during the Medieval times. The furniture used to carry dowry items in a marriage event. They were referred to as marriage chests. Some wooden trunks were used in the Cape Colony as a seat in wagons. Its design was simple and had support made of wood at the centre of the top for the driver to seat comfortably and focus on driving.

Many of these wooden trunks were made using quality wood like yellowwood that could last for generations. It was painted and carved using European designs. During the same Medieval time in the Europe, the wooden trunks that were short served as seats or benches. Taller ones served as tables and were used by scholars as writing tables at the same time storing items such as books. A good example of this is the Bargueno desk that was used by scholars in Spain. Portable desks had chests that were stacked and could also be used for writing by placing its cover on the side (when open).

Toy chests are used by people to carry toys that are used by their children when playing. They could be having dolls for girls or building blocks for boys.

Peasant families in Ukraine used the chest and trunks as a family antique. Girls going to get married were given the chests to keep their bride price. It was only kept by the girl,no one else was allowed to look inside the wooden chest. Garments, towels, jewelry, and other accessories were kept in there.

During the time of sea travelling and exploration by Arabs, the Kuwaiti chest was commonly used by the captains to keep their possessions. They were named according to where the carpenter made them. The Hope chest used to keep clothes and common goods used in a house were used by girls when getting ready for marriage.

Boarding Schools

Boarding schools offer you the chance to give your child a unique experience that can help them to grow and mature.  As a parent it can be very hard to start letting go of your child, but if you truly love them then there comes a time when this is necessary.  You need to help your child to become independent and to gain the ability to develop relationships with others.  If you want to help your child then looking into boarding schools should be at the top of your list of priorities.  Once you do you will realize that the old stereotype of a best boarding schools UK being a form of punishment couldn’t be further from the truth.  Instead boarding schools are the complete opposite, they are a fun environment that encourages young people to learn and become strong and independent.

At CCSS we believe in creating a living environment that all young people will love.  We encourage students that stay with us to customize their rooms to reflect their unique beliefs and personality.  We also offer high speed internet so that you child will have access to the wealth of information that the online world provides in order to help them grow and learn.  What makes our boarding schools unique is that they were purposefully designed to replicate a college type environment.  This means that if you have older teens you can send them to our schools and they can get a good idea of what life will be like once they head off to further their education.  On top of all of that we also have staff on duty around the clock to ensure that the children entrusted to our care are well monitored and supervised.  This also means that we are able to accept new students any time day or night.  You don’t have to adjust your schedule for us, we will work to meet your needs.

Boarding schools often get a bad reputation as a place for bad kids to be sent for punishment.  The truth is that the reality couldn’t be much different from this.  Boarding schools are not places of punishment, they are places that foster learning, growth, and independence.  If you have an older teen that will be heading off to college soon sending him or her to us is one of the best things you can do to help them.

Boarding schools

As kids grow older, they need to be properly educated. The best possible education can help any child learn what they need to learn in order to make the important transition into fully functional adulthood. In our society, there are many ways to help make sure that each child gets the right education for their specific needs. One of the best ways to provide an ideal education for any child is by sending them to best boarding schools UK. A boarding school such as The Cambridge Center is one that is centered around the needs of all children who are in attendance.

An Ideal Education For Each Child

Each child attending The Cambridge School has an education that is fully tailored to their own personal needs. Each child has different strengths and weaknesses. At The Cambridge School, each child is given the opportunity to help increase their strengths and work on any areas of academic weakness. This allows for the development of an ideal education for each child attending the school. All children are given a well rounded education that is designed to help them develop as many skills as possible including social skills, academic skills and emotional skills they can call on as they enter adulthood.

Vital Academic Exploration

An education at The Cambridge School is one in which the child is placed front and center. Class sizes are quite small, averaging under ten. This allows students to get individualized attention that helps them fully understand any given subject. Students are encouraged o explore specific subjects that catch their interest and study them in depth under the careful attention of caring teachers who are specialists in their field. All those attending The Cambridge School have the opportunity to learn about as many subjects as possible including the sciences, the humanities and the arts.

Interaction With Peers

Getting an education at The Cambridge School also means interacting with peers from all over the world. Students attending school have the opportunity to learn from those with different cultural backgrounds. As a result, many students here are able to make valuable connections with others who can offer them a different perspective. Establishing a bond with students in other nations allows students to form important connections they can draw on for the rest of their lives. interaction with peers who share their values can also help students become more well rounded and communicate with others better.

Preparation for University Courses

If you plan to go to university after high school, one of the best ways to increase your chances of qualifying is to take A Level courses for either 1 or 2 years. A Levels prepare you for the kind of thinking that is required when tackling university courses. While the universities themselves don’t really care what subjects you do for your A Levels, it is important to choose your courses carefully – they can have a great influence on your career. It is true that like you, many young students your age may not have any idea of what they would like to do with their lives but it is recommended that you take some time to think about it before you choose you’re A level courses. Here are some tips to guide you:
• Don’t let your choices be influenced by anyone else. Some people choose A Level courses because their friends are choosing them. Others are pushed by parents who feel that their children should excel in certain fields. The choice of courses you take should only be influenced by your own dreams and desires. Take some time and think about what you most enjoy doing and then research online on the courses that you can do that can help you turn your hobby into a career. Visit our site to get more details of boarding schools UK.
• Your teachers up to this point may help give you some clarity into what you are good at and what your weaknesses are when it comes to academics – after all, they have been teaching and supervising you. Make an appointment with the teacher who supervised you the closest and discuss what courses you may be able to excel in.
• Your 6th form college can also help you choose A Level courses. They usually have career advisors who are there specifically to help students chose their course. When you apply just ask to speak to a career advisor and tell them your thoughts – they will be able to help you settle on a course.
• Keep in mind that there are countless courses that you can pursue at the university. This means that your course choices can lead you down many varied paths. If, for instance, you take science as one of you’re a level courses, you can go to university and become a medical doctor or you can go there and study cosmology, pharmacology – anything you want really. Unless you have a specific career in mind you should not limit yourself. Go to the university you have in mind and ask them for a course brochure. Welcome to CCSS to know more about boarding school in England for international students.
These tips should help you prepare for university.