Excellent Hypnotherapy Reviews

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis on subjects to treat both mental and physical disorders. Hypnotherapy has grown in popularity in recent years due to the mind over matter mentality that has been adopted by many people in the world. The mind controls the body is the core premise for conducting hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy success is dependent on many factors such as the subject’s ability to allow suggestions, the effectiveness of the hypnotist and how deep the disorder to be cured is. Hypnotherapy is indeed growing more popular reinforced by the fact that it has received more attention from neuroscientists in the past few years.

One of the major applications of hypnotherapy is to cure deep-seated harmful habits for example smoking. In this regard, hypnotherapy has not been very successful. Many subjects say that the hypnotherapy allowed them to stay away from cigarettes or junk food for a while. Many patients relapsed in the case of a significantly negative event such as a loved one’s death. The success rate of smoking addiction cessation is about fifty percent. It is relatively equal when it comes to other addictions such as addictions to food, gambling, drugs and alcohol.

The other widespread use of hypnotherapy is in curing mental disorders like anxiety, stress, fears, and phobias. According to the majority of patients, hypnotherapy recorded the highest success rate in this category. Many patients state feeling their anxiety reduced by a significant degree. Others also report that they felt stress-free for a long time. In a lucky few, these disorders completely disappear after a short while. The average success rate of anxiety-related disorders is sixty-two percent while it is as high as eighty-two percent for stress related issues. The results are slightly disheartening for fears and phobias which have an average success rate of about fifty-five percent.

The third category is physical disorders such as bedwetting, chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity, and irritable bowel syndrome. Of all the groups of disorders, this category has the lowest success rate. Many patients complain of feeling motivated for a short while after the hypnotherapy, but their motivation levels dwindled fast. Many patients also state that the hypnosis is to be conducted very often for them to stick to an exercise regime, costing them a lot. Very few patients report high levels of success with the average success rate of hypnotherapy on curing physical disorders averaging about forty seven percent.

Generally, hypnotherapy has a reported success rate of about sixty-six percent.

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