Women’s Designer Slippers

Women want variety and unique designs when it comes to buying shoes.Even something as old as slippers have to be revamped and modernized to keep it an updated look, to satisfy the requirements of the young urban woman shopper.


Designer slippers womens come in a different variety. They can be open toed, closed, flat, small heeled and some are boots style like uggs. The fabric for making the slippers varies from very soft for making home slippers to a more thick fabric suitable for the outdoors.

They serve different functions some are designed to be worn at home and are made to be cozy and warm; some have very thin soles to be used by ballerinas. The open slippers are ideal for summer and a trip to the beach; they also make for great casual footwear, which can be stylish paired with jeans or shorts. There are closed slippers which are suitable for outdoor activities. Some are boot like with very warm padding which is ideal for winter. Other slippers are also waterproof making it perfect for rainy conditions.


Different women have different budgets, and the slippers are available for all types of customers. While most people prefer a good bargain, there are select few that have no expenses to spare and are willing to spend thousand of dollars on slippers. Celebrities have been spotted wearing the most outrageously priced slippers but that meets their requirements, it helps them appear flashy and moneyed.


Apart from the off the shelf slippers which are mass produced and have a reasonable price, there are also bespoke slippers which are customized to meet the customer’s requirements. The customization can be monogramming with clients initials, can be using specific colors and fabric combinations, which are dictated by the customer. The more luxurious customers can even request for expensive jewels or crystals on their slippers.

Designers slippers are becoming more popular with the advent of the unique varieties.