Wooden Chest Trunk

The wooden type of chest or trunk, are basically rectangular forms of furniture having four sides and a cover that can be lifted. It was normally used for storage of valuables like fine clothing, weapons, jewelry and foodstuffs. These days the decorated wooden chests are mostly used as tables in living rooms as part of the design.

Cassone carved wooden and painted chest was used in Italy during the Medieval times. The furniture used to carry dowry items in a marriage event. They were referred to as marriage chests. Some wooden trunks were used in the Cape Colony as a seat in wagons. Its design was simple and had support made of wood at the centre of the top for the driver to seat comfortably and focus on driving.

Many of these wooden trunks were made using quality wood like yellowwood that could last for generations. It was painted and carved using European designs. During the same Medieval time in the Europe, the wooden trunks that were short served as seats or benches. Taller ones served as tables and were used by scholars as writing tables at the same time storing items such as books. A good example of this is the Bargueno desk that was used by scholars in Spain. Portable desks had chests that were stacked and could also be used for writing by placing its cover on the side (when open).

Toy chests are used by people to carry toys that are used by their children when playing. They could be having dolls for girls or building blocks for boys.

Peasant families in Ukraine used the chest and trunks as a family antique. Girls going to get married were given the chests to keep their bride price. It was only kept by the girl,no one else was allowed to look inside the wooden chest. Garments, towels, jewelry, and other accessories were kept in there.

During the time of sea travelling and exploration by Arabs, the Kuwaiti chest was commonly used by the captains to keep their possessions. They were named according to where the carpenter made them. The Hope chest used to keep clothes and common goods used in a house were used by girls when getting ready for marriage.