Features of colored glass whiteboard

Colored glass whiteboard is a product that allows you to project images and text onto a projection screen. This interactive whiteboard is suitable for classrooms, meeting rooms, offices, or any other place where there is space for a projector. It has a wide viewing angle and low consumption power which makes it an economically friendly product.

Features of colored glass whiteboard

  1. Multifunction

You can make use of a computer, projector and colored glass whiteboard to present pictures, videos, and anything else you want. With this combination you can enjoy the fun of teaching or presenting. It is highly economical and energy saving as well.

  1. Great usability and design

It is a high-tech product which uses advanced technologies and gives you excellent image quality. It makes it a perfect choice for use at educational institutions or corporate offices where high quality images are required for presentations or meetings. It is trendy, modern, and classy in design, because of its transparent screen and white backing sheet which permits your pictures to be seen through the screen so that everyone can see your work easily. This allows you to communicate more effectively with your colleagues without being disturbed by the noise of the television or computer monitor.

  1. High quality image

The plastic material with glass surface makes images appear crystal clear without flaws or blurriness found in others materials. The result super high definition pictures which will make presentations come alive.

  1. Low power consumption

When you use the whiteboard with suitable projectors, it only consumes 14 watts of power while most traditional technologies use a lot more. This will help in cutting down electrical bills and saving money spent on utilities. You can also reduce your carbon footprints as well because of lower emissions.

  1. Easy to install

The product is great to use in classrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms or offices allowing you to be more productive than ever when presenting or teaching students and colleagues alike. It is so easy to install that you don’t require any special skills.

Who need colored glass whiteboard

  1. Teachers

It is easy to install, affordable and highly efficient. It enables teachers to present their lessons in a better way using advanced technologies.

  1. Students

For students learning at home, it is an opportunity for you to learn from home without interference from your parents or siblings. You can view and review lessons at your own pace as well as ask questions to the teacher if need be. This will also help them with their studies because of its high quality images which help them in understanding matter better than normal pictures. This will enhance their learning experience by a thousand percent.

  1. Corporates

Corporates can make use of this product as well to show their products at meetings or in virtual reality. The high definition images and high quality sound will help in making decisions more accurately.

  1. Parents

Parents can watch their children’s activities on the whiteboard from the comfort of their homes using live streaming technology from any location and time. This is a great way to keep track of your kids activity throughout the day no matter where they may be. They can also participate in virtual teaching sessions, which they can watch later on as many times as they wish, thus enhancing both parent-child bonding and learning experience for the children. This also applies to children who are studying at home.