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How Much Do You Need To Buy Etched Glass?

If you want to know how much you need to buy etched glass, well the truth is, you will need to invest a significant amount of money for it. Etched glass can cost as much as $125 per square foot. But before you ditch your aspiration to have etched glass because it’s expensive, you need to know first why etched glass is expensive in the first place. Only then will you be able to say if the price is worth it. Yes, some people would say that etched glass is impractical. But then again, people who have seen how elegant it looks to have a different opinion.

What really is etched glass?

First of all, you really need to know what etched glass is. It is a kind of decorative glass that is used in doors, windows, cabinet doors, and in other applications where glass is used. It is often used in commercial establishments such as stores and restaurants. It is also normal to see etched glass in bathrooms.

Most of the time, the logo of the business is etched on the door or window of the establishment. To achieve an elegant design, a series of small cuts is made to the glass. Usually, acid or abrasive material is used to cut the glass. The cutting is done after the glass has been manufactured. The cuts usually appear white on the glass and the cuts are used to form shapes, images, or even words.

Is it the same as frosted glass?

Some people mistake etched glass for frosted glass and vice versa. Etched glass is different from frosted glass. The difference lies in the process used to create each of these types of decorative glass. In etching, the surface of the glass is altered to create a shape or pattern. It is often used to produce an artwork, or letters to produce a word or name, or an image of a person, animal, or object. In frosting, the surface of the glass is changed from being transparent to being translucent. The result is a cloudy and almost opaque look.

In an etched glass, you can still see through the parts that are not etched. Even though frosted glass is not really opaque, it’s difficult to see through it. This is because the frosting on the glass scatters light so the objects behind them become blurred.

The look of etched glass

The etched glass comes in different gradients and opacities. In some designs, the etched part can be totally or just partially opaque. If the etching produces a partially opaque result, then it can look like the glass is nicely dusted. Etched glass can really provide a lot of character to an otherwise bare glass door or window. The process of etching can turn a boring piece of glass into a stunning work of art.

So is it worth it to buy etched glass? It certainly is, especially if the etching process is done by a professional company. And if you can take care of the glass well, then such a work of art will surely last for a long time.