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Upcycled Vintage Sideboard Ideas

Home decor is something that changes as time and technology move forward. People constantly look for new ideas to try out, which include the idea of upcycling your old sideboard to a completely different piece of furniture.

This list will provide an insight on how you can do just that:

  1. Vintage Sideboard into a Bar

Make use of your old vintage sideboard and turn it into a gorgeous and attractive bar for your guests at home. The best part about this project is that your guests would not be able to differentiate between the two pieces of furniture because it looks like a brand-new set made from scratch! Just make sure you remove all the top cabinets and replace them with some glass work which would allow people to see all the accessories of the bar.

  1. Vintage Sideboard into a Bedroom Dresser

Some people find it difficult to find good bedroom dressers that would not cost them an arm and a leg. Instead of wasting money on some furniture, why not make use of your old sideboard? All you need is to remove everything from the inside, sand the entire piece of furniture, paint it with your favorite color, and you are done! You can either replace or cover all the knobs for this project; whatever would go well with your bedroom.

  1. Vintage Sideboard into Dining Furniture

So here is another great idea on how to save money when buying a new dining set for yourself. Your old sideboards can be used as dining tables with the help of some plywood and some stained wooden boards. Simply remove all the cabinets from inside, cover it with plywood, and then paint it according to your choice. Also, you may install some wheels beneath the sideboard so that they would be easier to move around after meals!

  1. Vintage Sideboard into a Breakfast Nook

If you have a small dining area at home but wish to make use of more people during breakfast time, simply do the opposite of what we mentioned in idea number three. This time around, cut off the entire top cabinet and replace it with glass panels which would allow light to pass through as well as provide sufficient privacy for you and your family members.

  1. Vintage Sideboard into Fireplace Screen

Do you have a fireplace at home? If yes, then why not use your old sideboard to enhance the beauty of that area! You can even paint it with colors that would match well with the interior d├ęcor. Just cover the entire cabinet with glass panels and place some ornamental objects accordingly.

  1. Vintage Sideboard into an Office Desk

If you find yourself in need of extra office space for work or study purposes, simply transform your vintage sideboard into a desk. This project is fairly simple so you will not require any professional help for this task. All you need to do is remove all the cabinets from inside, install some wheels beneath it, and there you go! You now own an attractive office desk which would be perfect.


So here you go! These were some of the ideas on how to reuse your old sideboards. If you are in need of specific furniture but cannot afford one, try these projects out and see which one works best for you. To shop for a vintage sideboard, click on this link