Why you should use double sided tape crafts

Double sided tape crafts can be a great way to make some truly unique things. There are many reasons why you should use double sided tape crafts for whatever it is that you’re doing. Here we’ll discuss 5 of those reasons and how they apply to your projects.

1) It’s easy

The first reason you should use double sided tape crafts is that it’s easy. Some adhesives require proper skill and preparation and all sorts of complicated stuff, but using double-sided tape shouldn’t be too tricky for most beginners or even intermediate crocheters/sewers/crafters out there. Crafting with double-sided tapes allows you the freedom for creativity without worrying about something going wrong.

2) There are many types of double-sided tapes

The second reason you should use double sided tape crafts is that there are so many different types of it. And not all the classes are meant to stick two pieces of paper together or temporarily hang up posters. Nowadays, you can find something to suit whatever needs you might have when crafting with them. You can find some solid adhesive double-sided tapes that are perfect for holding heavier materials together in one place for a more extended period or just using regular double-sided tape that easily peels off whenever you’re finished with your project. There’s no shortage in what kind of double sided tapes/glues/additives are out there on the market, so you should have no problem finding the perfect double sided tape for your projects.

3) They’re easy to find

The third reason you should use double sided tape crafts is that they are pretty easy to find. You can find them in various arts & craft or sewing supplies stores, but it’s not necessary since they are available online as well. Just make sure that wherever you buy your supplies has a good quality adhesive before purchasing anything from them.

4) It’s versatile

The fourth reason why you should use double sided tape crafts is that it’s very versatile – there are many things that you can create with these tapes/gum/adhesives out there. For example, if you’re a collector of coins, cards, or other small items that need to be organized and sorted out, you can easily use these tapes. You can also use it for keeping your garments together, holding two pieces of paper together, upholstery work… the list goes on.

5) It’s cheap/cost-effective

The fifth reason why you should use double sided tape crafts is that it’s pretty cheap as well as cost-effective. You don’t have to pay much for a roll of double sided tape, and they last rather long, so there isn’t much wastage either, which makes using them an even better idea. Plus, they’re straightforward to work with too! All in all, this adds up to how great and why you should use double sided tape crafts.


Crafting is a great way to show your creative side and have fun while you’re at it. But what do you do when the craft you want to make needs something that isn’t readily available? You get creative, of course! We’ll show you how to make double-sided tape crafts in this post. -All you need for this project is some scissors, double sided tape craft, and whatever else you want to use as decoration. -The first thing you want to do is cut a piece of double sided tape that’s about six inches long. Stick one end of the tape down on your work surface. Now start folding the tape in half so that the sticky sides are together. Press down firmly as you